Jul 30

Motivational Video For When You Need Some Encouragement

Hey there,

I came across this video today which I think is an excellent motivational video. See what you think and feel free to leave a comment.

Jun 26

I’m Back

Well folks,

I know it may have looked like I disappeared off the face of the planet for a while. I was in fact away for almost 2 weeks so I have fallen behind somewhat. Yes, I did get time to reply to most of your comments and also visit many of your Blogs. I will be trying to get to the rest of them during the remainder of the week. It was great to see how many people dropped by and thank you all again for your encouraging comments.

The video will also be on its way soon, so watch this space : ).

Week 3 as many of you know is all about setting up your autoresponder and building a list. This I have managed to do this evening albeit minus a nice ebook cover which is near the top of my to do list now. I hit a bit of a wall on this one and then remembered as Dean and Alex say ‘Don’t get it right, just get it going’. Therefore you will see my new opt-in form on the right hand side of this post with just a text heading, but hey, at least its progress : ).

Anyway, now that I am back at base, I will be spending more time on this and can hopefully catch up with the rest of you who are steaming ahead nicely I see.

Catch you all soon.


Jun 12

Here we go !

Well, here we go !

I have decided to bite the bullet and actually try and stick with something for a change. 4 years of buying product after product and doing little if anything has driven me to this desperate state where I know something has to change. As the saying goes ‘You can’t expect to keep on doing the same things and get different results’. I think that is also a definition for insanity : ).

Either way, one thing I have learned from buying all those courses is that many of them do not live up to their expectations and many more are not sustainable. Even the more solid SEO strategies have come under threat recently with the latest changes over at Google.

So the question to be asked is ‘What is the best way to build a truly sustainable business online, one that won’t disappear overnight at the whim of some other organization?’ Well, I have come to my own conclusions on this question and will be discussing the topic further as the journey continues. For the moment however I have started the journey with Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge. My view has always been, if you want to learn something new, then learn from someone who has done it already and is where you want to be.

So, where do I want to be? Well, by the end of this training I definitely want to have the basis of the business which I wish to continue building. I also expect to have a much better sense of direction and focus. This is a lot of what the first week has been all about. No stranger to reading a lot of this type of material, it was not new to hear it but at the same time good to be reminded. It’s sometimes easy to forget. Looking at the medium term I would expect to be have replaced my monthly income within 6 months and the next goal after that is 5 figures a month by 12 months in. Optimistic? maybe. Lets see. It’s better to aim high and miss slightly rather then to aim low and achieve an unimpressive goal.

At this stage I am optimistic and I have actually started to take action on the material received so that has got to me a good start. My aim is to now continue with the momentum.

Stay tuned and see how things progress next week.

Until then, good luck and take care everyone : ).