I Had Done Nothing This Week and Then This …..

Hi there,   How are you doing? I hope everything is great for you right now.   So…another week gone already…Damn those weeks are passing by too fast!!   Another week for me too and I had my call with my coach, Andy yesterday….A call I wasn’t looking forward to…because I had achieved nothing at all in the week….except 1 Blog post. I guess at least I had managed that, but that is 1 promise I had made and stuck too.  

I had a very busy week and was away for the weekend when I normally manage to get stuff done, and although I had planned to get some of those videos done for the course I was supposed to create, I had in fact done nothing. Truth be told I was going to message Andy the night before our call and reschedule it, because I saw no point in having a call if I had nothing to show him. But I decided it would do no harm to have the call anyway and I didn’t want to look like a chicken, avoiding the call. Also, to be honest, I think he would have chased me anyway to find out why I hadn’t done anything.

  Well….we had the call ….and initially it was just me and Andy talking and I explained that I had done nothing that week, and we discussed for a few minutes why, and how maybe I could make some time to do what I needed to do. Andy gave me some good ideas how to use some of my small bits of free time to at least progress a little bit. I will share some of those ideas in another Blog post.   And then……   Richie joined the call. Damn….he wasn’t so easy on me. Where are you at now Donal ???   Hmmm.  Not doing so well now Riche….been a tough week for me Richie.   So he tells me he is a bit disappointed that I am not where he thought I’d be. To be honest I was disappointed too but it was my fault.   So Richie asks me, Is your free product done yet?  …. Yes I replied.   So whats the issue with doing the videos he says…. Haven’t had the time I replied and I need to do the slides too Richie…. So he makes me send him the pdf for the first module and as we are talking (unbeknownst to me) he is creating a basic Powerpoint presentation for me….   And then he says …..Done !!!! WHF (What the hell is done I am thinking to myself)   I am sending you this now. Shoot the video now and call us back when its done and you have sent it to us.   Crap!!! Really !!!   I still hadn’t eaten all day and this was 7.30 pm and now I have to shoot a video !!!!   Ok, I know what he was doing and why, so I reluctantly shot that video….all 16 minutes of it and then…   When I tried to replay it, no damn sound. I screwed up the settings.   More hungry than I was 16 minutes ago I had to shoot the video again (After some colorful language that they didn’t hear and I won’t use on this Blog 🙂 ) Finally got it off to them and we resumed our call. They both liked it but pointed out I didn’t sound all that excited while I spoke on the video (maybe 2nd time around and hungry didn’t help 🙂 ).   But…..   It did show me I could do it in a very short time. So they set me the task of 1 video a day for the next week and the course would be done then. I agreed, but leaving thinking how I could make myself sound more excited. Sorry, but sitting in front of my PC, I find that a bit difficult as I am sure most people do.   Anyway, this morning I wake up and my first task is to fix up those messed up slides. I actually re-did them completely. Then time to record the video.   But…. I was hungry so food first,   Ah yes….feed and full now…..time to just do that damn video….   But I wasn’t exactly feeling like ….enthusiastic so how can I make myself feel that way to sound better on the video I just had to create ???   Ah….Some music that gets me going. So I put on one of my favorite house tracks (sorry, I know its not everyone’s cup of tea) but it worked.   I recorded the video. 1st take and no edits because Andy and Richie told me not to worry about that occasional ah and um. So I just did it, sent it to them and ….   Well I was surprised by the feedback… Bloody good job Donal…. Slides fantastic Donal.   I must admit I was surprised by the feedback but it did show me that we all tend to under rate ourselves. We can be more and achieve more than we think.   I know this post is going on a bit, sorry…. But here are my take away’s this week.  
  1. You have time even if you think you don’t (That is what Richie deliberately thought me by making me shoot that video [I hate you Richie ????])
  2. We all think we are not good enough even when we are and we have more value to give than we think
  3. We can all do the things that we think we can’t.
  4. Having a Coach or at least an Accountability partner makes a huge difference.
  I now have 6 more videos to do over the next 5 days to I look forward to sharing my experience to you next week and some more tips I’m sure.   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal   P..S. I lack motivation sometimes as I am sure you do too so I have setup a post on my Blog with some motivational videos to help you during those times. Please go have a look and bookmark it if it helps you….Motivational Videos    

Motivational Videos for you !!

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRMogDrHnMQHi there,   I have put together some motivational videos for you here if you are feeling unmotivated or just not in the mood. I will be adding to these but just feel free to watch the ones you want if you need some inspiration or motivation… I hope they can help….  

Happy New Year !! :)

Hey there,   Here we are again and another week gone by. It’s hard to believe that it is the send half of the month already. So….what have I accomplished in the last week? To be honest not so much.   While many of you were probably celebrating Easter and running around in rabbit suits looking for chocolate eggs in the garden LOL, here in Thailand they were celebrating Thai New Year, known as Songkran. The Thais celebrate New Year by going to temples and paying respects to elderly relatives and friends……and also partaking in the biggest water fight in the world. Much alcohol also tends to be consumed :). If you have ever been in Thailand over Songkran you know not to expect to stay dry.  
  For, me after joining in the Songkran celebrations for my first few years here I generally choose to stay home and dry in recent times. I thought therefore that I would be able to progress well over the weekend with my various tasks. Not so it seems as friends called over and I still ended up celebrating the alcohol part of Songkran anyway. 🙂 So much for my wishful thinking eh!   Anyway, I did manage to get the first 9 days of my Autoresponder sequence finished together with the first 3 modules of the free course and also the associated Blog posts. I submitted them to Andy for review and he told me that they looked good and that I am on the right track. As I mentioned last week, having a coach makes such a difference. I don’t have to sit here wondering if I am doing things right …or if they look ok.   Richie also contacted me to give his total seal of approval on what I have produced already, so that also made me feel good and gave me more confidence in myself.   That’s where I would like to point something out. You see …trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own can be difficult enough as it is. But on top of that, if you are like me, then you are probably at home working on this alone too. That can get pretty lonely at times and can lead to self-doubt, lack of confidence and finally quitting.   As I mentioned last week, it is through the tougher times that it helps a lot if you are clear about your WHY.   However, there are also other things that you can do to help you and improve your chances of success…   One of those things is to get yourself a Coach or Mentor as I have. This helps to keep you on the right track and offer encouragement and reassurance with what you are doing. There is also the accountability aspect of having a Coach which has made a huge difference to me. The fact that I know that I have to get on a call each week and explain what I have done and if not, why not, is a major motivator. And I also know that if I don’t stay in contact, that Andy and Richie will come chasing me to see whats happening.   I do realize though that not everyone is in the position to take on a Mentor or Coach right now although I recommend you do get one as soon as you can. However, another thing you can do and has helped me a lot is joining some groups of like-minded people in places such as Facebook. There are many communities with both experienced people and also other people learning just like you.   They can offer help, advice and encouragement to you and give you the feeling of being part of a community so that you do not feel so lonely and isolated. As I said there are many such groups on Facebook, so I recommend looking around and finding a couple of active groups where everyone seems to be supportive and are helping each other and get involved yourself. It will make a huge difference. Just do not get so involved that it distracts you from what you are supposed to be doing 🙂   And don’t forget to check my Facebook group too at The Internet Marketing Den. I will be offering support there and encouraging interaction and accountability too.   On that note, I will sign-off for now and catch you again next week…   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal

It’s Not Always Plain Sailing …

Hey there,   Well, well, well, week 4 already. Time seems to be totally flying by and I have to admit that I have been struggling somewhat to manage my time in order to get things done for my online business. This post is a day late also. I promise I will try and do better next week. 🙂 Having said that though, I am progressing and have almost completed the first 9 days of my autoresponder sequence emails.   I have decided to send an email out every day. The first module of the free course will be sent out on day 1 and then each module will be sent out every 3 days after that. That means there are 2 days between the delivery of each module where I have an opportunity to send out a follow-up email or an email linking to content on my blog.   So….that is exactly what I have been putting together. I have been writing articles for my Blog which will be linked to from the autoresponder follow-up sequence. I have also been finalizing the free course content and will be moving onto creating my first front-end paid course in the coming few days.   Oh….and I also shot an intro video for my Blog this week too. Still getting used to the Camera and microphone and the best settings to use. 🙂 ……Let me know what you think..   As I said at the beginning of the post I have struggled at times during the past week. I have sat down in front of the PC to write articles and drawn a blank. In an attempt to overcome these moments I have used the method I described in my post from week 2. At times it feels that there is more to setting up everything at the beginning than I had originally thought. The key for me is to break everything down into smaller steps and work on them one step at a time. As the saying goes….. How do you eat an elephant??  I bite at a time.   Now that I have a coach and know that I am going in the right direction it makes it easier to trust in the process and just get the work done. Another analogy I heard used once was that starting your business is like pushing a big rock up a hill…….  At the beginning, it is very hard to get that rock moving. But after a while it gets a little easier. However, it still takes effort to get that rock to the top of the hill. Once it is there though it will start rolling down the other side by itself. At that point all your effort has paid off.   Another, thing which is very important to keep you going during though times is your WHY.  Everyone has a WHY or at least should have a WHY. Your WHY should be your main reason for doing what you are doing. My WHY is to build a business offering value to my customers and subscribers so that I can generate an income to look after my family well and to run a lifestyle business where I do not have to sit at my PC all day every day. Your WHY might be to drive fast sports car or travel the world. Whatever it is, identify it and remember it for those tough times,   Once you know your WHY, it makes it easier to get through the tougher times when you might feel demotivated or worse still thinking of quitting. And remember….you don’t fail until you quit. At times like this you can think about your WHY and that should motivate you to continue and drive on through the difficult times.   Finally, I have setup my Facebook group, Internet Marketing Den. My plan for the group is twofold. First and foremost, I want it to be an accountability group. I would encourage anybody interested to join the group and post your accountability posts and also maybe find an accountability partner. Initially I will be trying to hold people accountable also…… so beware LOL. In addition to it being an accountability group I will also be sharing links to useful articles and tools relevant to all aspects of setting up and running an online business. So be sure to check it out….Internet Marketing Den.   And on that note I will sign off for now and catch you next week….Until then….   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal  

Are you Struggling with Your Content Creation ?

Hey there,   In this Blog Post I want to cover the subject of Content Creation. This is a topic which scares a lot of people and I must admit at the beginning it always turned me off too. Whether it is creating content for a course or a Blog Post like this one or even for your emails, it can be a daunting prospect to sit down and start creating content.   The fact is that if you go about it the right way, creating content is not all that difficult. There are a number of things you are probably thinking after that last comment such as, well what can I write about? I don’t know enough about anything to write about it. Who wants to listen to what I have to say? Well the reality is that you probably have a lot more to write about than you even know yourself. You see…when you start to know more and more about a topic you forget that not everybody knows what you know and you also forget that at one time you didn’t have all that knowledge on the topic too.   Therefore, you more than likely have a lot more to work with than you think. Another fact about gaining knowledge to create content with is that if you select 3 books on a topic and read those books and learn the information in them, then you will have more knowledge on that topic than 90% of the people starting out on that topic. You do not have to be the number one expert, you just have to know more than the people you are teaching.   Another objection that people have when it comes to creating content is that they are not good writers. Well, writing is only one form of content. You are not restricted to writing these days. Why not create video or audio if you are more comfortable with that? You do not even have to appear in the videos. You can use a screen capture software to record your screen.   Another tip for coming up with ideas for creating content it to start with a Private Label Rights (PLR) product or even a few PLR products. You can combine them and rewrite them in your own words or even repurpose them altogether. That might mean taking an ebook and creating a video on each chapter. This way you are not starting who  a completely blank page and you can also publish the content in a number of different formats.   If you are have trouble coming up with ideas then check out my Blog Post.. Lost for Ideas and No Time ?? ….. Think Again !!  The main thing to remember is to put out valuable content. That way you will start to build a following for yourself.   It is also important to be yourself. Do not try and be someone else. Everyone is unique and that should show through in your content. People will like you for who you are. Sure…there will be people who will not like you. Don’t worry about that. Not everybody is going to always like everybody else.   1000 raving fans is enough to potentially build a 6 figure a year business online. Just focus on providing value and being yourself and you will build the right following. And on that note I will sign off until next time.     Peace, Love and Success,   Donal.


Squeeze Pages – You’re doing them wrong !!

Hey there,   In this Blog post I will be talking about Squeeze Pages and the things you need to know when putting your squeeze page together.   The fact is that most newcomers to Internet Marketing get it all wrong when it comes to setting up Squeeze Pages. They will make such mistakes as not having an attention grabbing headline which is the most important part of the landing page. If you don’t catch the visitors attention then they will probably just hot the back button and you will have lost them forever.   When it comes to writing great headlines or any other of the elements on the squeeze page or any sales page for that matter it is advisable to at the very least learn the basics of copywriting. Copywriting is a whole topic by itself but I cannot over emphasize the importance of writing good copy on all of your sales material, whether that be squeeze pages, sales pages, autoresponder emails or review articles on your website. Good copy is what will convert your visitors into subscribers and your subscribers into buyers. So to put it bluntly, if your copy sucks then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get to your page, you will not get many subscribers or buyers and this will end up leading to frustration. So one of the skills you should start learning if you want to build a long term successful online business is the skill of copywriting. You can of course outsource your copywriting but be warned that good copywriters do not come cheap either.   Whatever you decide you should at least give you’re a basic education in copywriting and learn the basics. Books such as Words That Sell and websites like The Gary Halbert  Letter are all great resources to use for learning about copywriting.   Another very useful thing to do to help you when creating squeeze pages and sales pages is to create a Swipe File. A Swipe File is a file you can keep which is full of links to other squeeze pages and sales pages which you like and think would be good to model from. Whenever you land on a page they really makes you want to enter your email address or hit the buy button, that is a good indication that the copywriting is good. You should save a link to that page so that you can refer back to it later.   Fiinally, and one of the biggest mistakes most newcomers make is that they create only one version of the squeeze page, upload it and send traffic to it. Then if it does not convert that traffic well they decide that this internet marketing stuff doesn’t work and they give up. The truth about building high converting squeeze pages it that you need to continually split test your pages and track your results. This involves initially putting up 2 or more versions of your squeeze page and seeing which one performs the best. Then you split the best one with a copy of itself with small changes made each time. Each test should test one single change. This way you can gradually improve your page until it is completely optimized.   Another thing to bear in mind if a squeeze page appears to be performing not so well is that it may be the offer itself is not working. In these cases It will probably be necessary to change the offer in order to improve the performance.   Implementing even just the above changes to your approach to creating and testing squeeze pages should help you see a significant improvement in the results you get from your squeeze pages so go ahead …. Give it a try and see what happens.   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal.

Welcome To My Blog

Why You Should Be Building A List….

Hi there,   In this Blog post I am going to talk a little about the importance of building a list in your online business.   Sure, there are many ways these days to build and connect with your audience and there are a dozen courses being released every week for each and every platform claiming to teach you how to do so while making 1000’s of dollars while you are at it. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. Am I saying none of these work?….Of course not…but ask yourself this…. How are the people promoting these courses promoting them to you? Yes, I thought so…more than likely by email, right? You see….most of the people promoting these courses are not using these methods themselves. The ones that are, are using these platforms to funnel traffic to a squeeze page to capture their details on an email list. You see what is happening here? So…don’t do as these people say but do as they do if you want to see real success. One other point about basing a business on a single or even a few social platforms is that you are completely at their mercy. If they choose they can shut you down in an instant and you will have no comeback. Your business could die overnight. Also, trends change and the social platform which was flavor of the month last month may not be so in several months time. Anyone remember MySpace ?? Email So as you can see now, building a list (or multiple lists) is key to your long term success with your online business. However, simply building a list is not enough in itself. You see…many people think it is enough to just get a lot of people on their list and bombard them with promotions from day one. I am sure you have ended up on more than just a few of these kinds of email lists in your time. And what did you do?… You unsubscribed, didn’t you? Or at very best you just stopped opening the emails from that person and simply ignored them. If you are using Gmail then these emails probably ended up in the Spam folder anyway.   If you have been following online marketing for any length of time you have probably also heard people say that email marketing doesn’t work anymore. Email Marketing is dead they will tell you. People don’t open their emails anymore and the ones that do rarely click through on any of the links in the email. Who do you think for the most part are the people spreading these stories online?? Yep…you probably guessed right, the same people who do exactly what I have just described.   The problem with these people is that they fail to realize that the numbers they see in their Autoresponder accounts are actually real people. People with feelings, hopes, dreams, frustrations etc. They are not just robots with credit cards waiting for the latest promotion to hit their inbox so that they can whip out their credit cards and buy whatever trash is being promoted to them.   Or course this approach can work to a degree in certain markets where there are a large number of interested people and a high turnover rate….such as the Internet Marketing niche. This method is called Churn and Burn for obvious reasons. These marketers build large lists and then hammer them with promotions until the buy or die (unsubscribe). Sure, they will make a few sales but then their list becomes unresponsive. The problem with this approach is that you need a reasonably big list to generate a decent income and in order to maintain that list size you need to be constantly adding subscribers to it. Don’t get me wrong…you should be constantly adding subscribers to your list anyway, but using the method I just described, you need to be doing it at a must faster rate.   So…..let me ask you this….would you like to build a business using that method or would you like to build a business based on building a relationship with your subscribers and adding value to their lives? Learning about what their dreams and frustrations are and helping them on their journey and providing them with the solutions which they are actually looking for.Agreement   The fact is that following this approach will allow you to build a list of like minded people and even raving fans who will be much more likely to open your emails when you send them, and even buy your product recommendations. Sure, not everyone is going to like your style and you can except people to unsubscribe on a daily basis. This is normal and you should never take it personally. Not everyone is going to like everyone, that’s life. Also, you should not try and be everything to everyone either. That will make your message wishy washy and you will actually connect with fewer people by trying to do that. However, taking this approach will lead you to having a solid fan/customer base which you can depend on. Subscribers like this are more likely to end up on your list for years to come, as opposed to months or even just weeks. Did you know?…..It is possible to have a 6 figure a year business with just 1000 loyal fans on your list.   It is important also to point out that if you are promoting products and services to your loyal list to always do due diligence on the product you are promoting first. Preferably buy the product yourself and check it out. It takes a while to build that know like and trust relationship with your subscribers. However, promoting one single crap product can destroy that trust in an instant.   In conclusion I would strongly recommend that anyone planning on starting an online business should be building a list from day one. I would also highly recommend that you give serious consideration to which method you use to build and maintain your list of subscribers. I think it is obvious which approach I think is best.   I will be writing many more posts on the topics of list building and email marketing as these are large niches within the Online Marketing niche.   So on that note I will sign off for now.   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal.

Lost for Ideas and No Time ?? ….. Think Again !!

Hey there, I am back again for week 3 now…must be a record for me at this stage ….posting 3 weeks in a row…. 🙂   One more week and I will have made it to a full month. LOL   Anyway, what have I been at for the last week you may be asking… And what have I got done since the last time I posted.   To be completely honest…not as much as I had hoped or planned to do. But I did have a couple of AHA moments during the week.   Most are related to the struggle I felt I was having with myself, trying to make the time to get things done. Then on Tuesday night while feeling frustrated, I decided to go outside for a couple of beers to relax and get away from the computer. That is when a few things hit me….   You may not think you have time, but in fact you do…. or at least you can make the time…or make the best of the time you have.   You see, the main task I had set for myself  to complete this week was to write an Autoresponder follow-up sequence to deliver my free course. The problem I had though, was that any time I did get a chance to sit down and start writing it, I hit a 404 (Page Not Found). I just ended up staring at a blank page not knowing what to write. Frustrated It was that Tuesday night after another such attempt that I decided to go outside for a couple of beers. As I sat there thinking, all of a sudden I started getting ideas as to how I could create the follow-up sequence.   So, I took out my phone which has the Evernote app installed on it and I started jotting down all of the ideas I had. Before I knew it I have put together the basic framework for the first 7 days of the sequence. Then I paused for a bit and had even more ideas. Then before I knew it I had a plan together for a 24 day sequence with an email everyday both delivering the training modules and linking to Blog posts delivering value to my readers and subscribers. That was all I did that night.   Then the next day I was able to pull up the notes I had taken the night before. I wasn’t starting from a blank page anymore so it was soooo much easier. Coming up with that framework was 90% of the battle to getting started.   So, what are the takeaways from this?   Well, there are a couple of takeaways as i see it.   First, if you are sitting in front of your computer trying to come up with ideas and nothing is happening in your head and you feel stuck and frustrated like I did….. Then get away from the computer. Go somewhere else….out to the garden or down the coffee shop or a walk in the woods…whatever floats your boat. The change of scene will quite often help to get your creating juices flowing.   That brings me onto the second takeaway…   I happened to step outside the house for a few beers and use that time to think but ….. Don’t forget that time spent driving your car to and from work or even time in the shower can all be used to do a little thinking about whatever it is you are trying to do. Idea   You don’t need big chunks of time to get started on something. Use these smaller chunks of time to come up with ideas, frameworks etc and jot them down as soon as you have a chance, preferably immediately (Although I don’t recommend trying to do that while in the shower or driving your car :)). Then you can come back to them later when you have more time to work on them.   You do actually have time if you look for it. ….and I haven’t even gone into the time you can save each week by skipping a night out with friends or not watching TV.   Another thing I found that night was that once the ideas started flowing, I started getting loads of other ideas unrelated directly to the follow-up sequence. I got ideas for new blog posts (including this one :)).   There was more that I was going to talk about in this Blog post but it is starting to get long already so I think I will leave it for another post. It seems about right to finish here with those two takeaways.   This coming week, I will continue to work on that Autoresponder Sequence. I did get the 7 emails delivering the training modules finished for Andy to have a look at by the way.   I will also be working on my squeeze page and plan to get a start on my basic video course. So tune in next week to see how that all goes.   I might even try an make a short intro video for this Blog, you never know!! LOL.   Anyway, until next week ….   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal     P.S. I will also continue working on the FREE Resource for people looking for Accountability which I mentioned last week so stay tuned !!

Why My Yamaha R1 is like an Internet Business

Hey there, my second post since I decided to restart my journey on starting an Internet Business. And you are probably thinking why I titled this about a motorbike….   Well this is why….   Damn, I decided to take my motorbike out yesterday…..   You see my big bike…the Yamaha R1 which I love to bits and I spent quite a bit of money fixing it up caused me some trouble yesterday. To be honest it pissed me off a lot.   After fixing it up it was running like a baby…better than ever since I bought it from a friend a few years ago. So…Yesterday I decided to take it out and go see my friends in town. Yeah…I admit…Wanted to show it off a bit….but   A couple of km down the road it started coughing and spluttering and eventually cut out. Man…was I pissed off. To cut a long story short I had to get it back home and take my wife’s scooter into town to meet my friends.   So why is this like an Internet Business you may ask ?   Well…..   When I eventually got into town to meet my friends (a lot later than we had agreed to meet up) and I explained to then what happened… One of them who understands more about big bikes than I do, explained to me that big performance bikes like mine need to be run regularly. Leaving them sitting at the back of your house (like I had done for 4 weeks) causes the fuel to get sticky and everything seizes up.   I had been away and neglected it so it gotten to the point it didn’t run properly anymore. He told me that I need to take it out and run it at least once a week for an hour or so to keep it running smoothly.   I still haven’t managed to start it properly but it also got me thinking ….. It’s exactly the same as running and Internet Business….If you leave it standing for 3 – 4 weeks it starts to have problems and will eventually stop working. To put it in 1 word it is CONSISTENCY.   Persistence And I realized tonight that , that is exactly what I have been lacking in all my Internet Marketing efforts.   I have started many projects but never stuck with the long enough. I have made some money but never stuck with it.   So you may be asking now….What has happened with your coaching with Andy, Donal ???   Well, I had my first call with Andy last week and we chatted for 2 hours about many things.   This is what we agreed (And I knew this already but never did it). He told me to make a free offer and set up and a squeeze page (landing page). I realized this is something I had already done but never followed through on (PERSISTENCE).   The gold nugget from our conversation was this….. Make it a course and not a simple PDF because nobody cares about a PDF anymore.   So I am now working on a free course and a course that adds real value to my customers. Watch this space and I will let you know as soon as the course is available. Bear in mind also that you are effectively watching a live case study as it happens, so you will see if it works or not and what I do with whatever happens (Feeling scared now).   Another thing I spoke about a lot with Andy was Mindset and Time Management and that is something I am working on a lot myself at the moment. I will talk about this a lot more in a future post, but here is one thing I know for sure and have learnt over the years and that is….. MINDSET IS 80% of the key to success in starting your own Internet business.   MINDSET, FOCUS (I will deal with in another post) and PERSISTENCE which I mentioned already and will also talk about in a later post.   Why do I know these things you may ask?…. I will tell you why …Because I have lacked all of them, but am getting better and some of them I am still working on. I look forward to telling you how I have improved each of them and am still working on all of them.   Let me leave you with a question….   Have you already bought courses and know what you should be doing but haven’t done it? Have you started doing it but got distracted on the way ? Are you still trying to figure out what you should really be doing?   If so, then yes, I have been there too for many years. Hell, if I implemented half of what I know I should have a 6 figure business already but I was all over the place and confused. But now finally I have a plan and working towards that plan.   Another HUGE part of getting to where you want to be is being made ACCOUNTABLE and that is another thing I will address in an up and coming post. We all think we can make ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to ourselves, I did too… but we can make excuses to ourselves and agree with those excuses and let ourselves off when it suits us. I am working on something (Free) for people who REALLY want accountability and will let you know as soon as it is in place.   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal