About Me

Hi,My name is Donal Erdpohl. I am originally from Ireland but now live with my wife in Asia.Since moving to Asia in 2005 I have been looking for ways to make a decent living as it can be difficult for foreigners to get work here and in addition to that the rate of pay is low.This has led me to Internet Marketing as a way to generate an income. However, there are so many ways to make money online, from fast methods which rarely if ever last, to longer term methods which are based on a solid foundation.The problem is, it can be all to easy to get distracted by the next email in your inbox and the next product telling of the next best way to make money online.For all too long I myself have jumped from product to product, often not even finishing reading them and ending up even more confused as to where to start.I have therefore set up this Blog to track my journey from the start of a fresh beginning. I hope you will enjoy following my journey, both successes and setbacks. I’m sure there will be many of each and I hope you can learn from them too.Thank You for checking out my Blog,Donal.   
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