Squeeze Pages – You’re doing them wrong !!

Hey there,   In this Blog post I will be talking about Squeeze Pages and the things you need to know when putting your squeeze page together.   The fact is that most newcomers to Internet Marketing get it all wrong when it comes to setting up Squeeze Pages. They will make such mistakes as not having an attention grabbing headline which is the most important part of the landing page. If you don’t catch the visitors attention then they will probably just hot the back button and you will have lost them forever.   When it comes to writing great headlines or any other of the elements on the squeeze page or any sales page for that matter it is advisable to at the very least learn the basics of copywriting. Copywriting is a whole topic by itself but I cannot over emphasize the importance of writing good copy on all of your sales material, whether that be squeeze pages, sales pages, autoresponder emails or review articles on your website. Good copy is what will convert your visitors into subscribers and your subscribers into buyers.So to put it bluntly, if your copy sucks then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get to your page, you will not get many subscribers or buyers and this will end up leading to frustration. So one of the skills you should start learning if you want to build a long term successful online business is the skill of copywriting. You can of course outsource your copywriting but be warned that good copywriters do not come cheap either.   Whatever you decide you should at least give you’re a basic education in copywriting and learn the basics. Books such as Words That Sell and websites like The Gary Halbert  Letter are all great resources to use for learning about copywriting.   Another very useful thing to do to help you when creating squeeze pages and sales pages is to create a Swipe File. A Swipe File is a file you can keep which is full of links to other squeeze pages and sales pages which you like and think would be good to model from. Whenever you land on a page they really makes you want to enter your email address or hit the buy button, that is a good indication that the copywriting is good. You should save a link to that page so that you can refer back to it later.   Fiinally, and one of the biggest mistakes most newcomers make is that they create only one version of the squeeze page, upload it and send traffic to it. Then if it does not convert that traffic well they decide that this internet marketing stuff doesn’t work and they give up. The truth about building high converting squeeze pages it that you need to continually split test your pages and track your results. This involves initially putting up 2 or more versions of your squeeze page and seeing which one performs the best. Then you split the best one with a copy of itself with small changes made each time. Each test should test one single change. This way you can gradually improve your page until it is completely optimized.   Another thing to bear in mind if a squeeze page appears to be performing not so well is that it may be the offer itself is not working. In these cases It will probably be necessary to change the offer in order to improve the performance.   Implementing even just the above changes to your approach to creating and testing squeeze pages should help you see a significant improvement in the results you get from your squeeze pages so go ahead …. Give it a try and see what happens.   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal.

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