I Had Done Nothing This Week and Then This …..

Hi there,   How are you doing? I hope everything is great for you right now.   So…another week gone already…Damn those weeks are passing by too fast!!   Another week for me too and I had my call with my coach, Andy yesterday….A call I wasn’t looking forward to…because I had achieved nothing at all in the week….except 1 Blog post. I guess at least I had managed that, but that is 1 promise I had made and stuck too.  

I had a very busy week and was away for the weekend when I normally manage to get stuff done, and although I had planned to get some of those videos done for the course I was supposed to create, I had in fact done nothing. Truth be told I was going to message Andy the night before our call and reschedule it, because I saw no point in having a call if I had nothing to show him. But I decided it would do no harm to have the call anyway and I didn’t want to look like a chicken, avoiding the call. Also, to be honest, I think he would have chased me anyway to find out why I hadn’t done anything.

  Well….we had the call ….and initially it was just me and Andy talking and I explained that I had done nothing that week, and we discussed for a few minutes why, and how maybe I could make some time to do what I needed to do. Andy gave me some good ideas how to use some of my small bits of free time to at least progress a little bit. I will share some of those ideas in another Blog post.   And then……   Richie joined the call. Damn….he wasn’t so easy on me. Where are you at now Donal ???   Hmmm.  Not doing so well now Riche….been a tough week for me Richie.   So he tells me he is a bit disappointed that I am not where he thought I’d be. To be honest I was disappointed too but it was my fault.   So Richie asks me, Is your free product done yet?  …. Yes I replied.   So whats the issue with doing the videos he says…. Haven’t had the time I replied and I need to do the slides too Richie…. So he makes me send him the pdf for the first module and as we are talking (unbeknownst to me) he is creating a basic Powerpoint presentation for me….   And then he says …..Done !!!! WHF (What the hell is done I am thinking to myself)   I am sending you this now. Shoot the video now and call us back when its done and you have sent it to us.   Crap!!! Really !!!   I still hadn’t eaten all day and this was 7.30 pm and now I have to shoot a video !!!!   Ok, I know what he was doing and why, so I reluctantly shot that video….all 16 minutes of it and then…   When I tried to replay it, no damn sound. I screwed up the settings.   More hungry than I was 16 minutes ago I had to shoot the video again (After some colorful language that they didn’t hear and I won’t use on this Blog 🙂 ) Finally got it off to them and we resumed our call. They both liked it but pointed out I didn’t sound all that excited while I spoke on the video (maybe 2nd time around and hungry didn’t help 🙂 ).   But…..   It did show me I could do it in a very short time. So they set me the task of 1 video a day for the next week and the course would be done then. I agreed, but leaving thinking how I could make myself sound more excited. Sorry, but sitting in front of my PC, I find that a bit difficult as I am sure most people do.   Anyway, this morning I wake up and my first task is to fix up those messed up slides. I actually re-did them completely. Then time to record the video.   But…. I was hungry so food first,   Ah yes….feed and full now…..time to just do that damn video….   But I wasn’t exactly feeling like ….enthusiastic so how can I make myself feel that way to sound better on the video I just had to create ???   Ah….Some music that gets me going. So I put on one of my favorite house tracks (sorry, I know its not everyone’s cup of tea) but it worked.   I recorded the video. 1st take and no edits because Andy and Richie told me not to worry about that occasional ah and um. So I just did it, sent it to them and ….  Well I was surprised by the feedback… Bloody good job Donal…. Slides fantastic Donal.   I must admit I was surprised by the feedback but it did show me that we all tend to under rate ourselves. We can be more and achieve more than we think.   I know this post is going on a bit, sorry…. But here are my take away’s this week.  
  1. You have time even if you think you don’t (That is what Richie deliberately thought me by making me shoot that video [I hate you Richie ????])
  2. We all think we are not good enough even when we are and we have more value to give than we think
  3. We can all do the things that we think we can’t.
  4. Having a Coach or at least an Accountability partner makes a huge difference.
  I now have 6 more videos to do over the next 5 days to I look forward to sharing my experience to you next week and some more tips I’m sure.   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal   P..S. I lack motivation sometimes as I am sure you do too so I have setup a post on my Blog with some motivational videos to help you during those times. Please go have a look and bookmark it if it helps you….Motivational Videos 


  1. OMG Donal,

    this post kept me in hysterics…tears are rolling down my cheeks, i totally feel your pain… and i know what is like to have Richie getting after you and i love it that he is so up front and honest, he reminds me of my Dad.

    psssst…….. do Andy and Richie play the good cop, bad cop thingy?

    i am putting your site in my bookmarks unless you have a subscribe button hidden somewhere? I cannot wait to read your next post… and watch a damn video!

    thanks for the giggles

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thank you for your feedback and glad you enjoyed it.
      Now that you mention it, they do do the good cop, bad cop thing LOL.
      There should be a subscribe to RSS Feed on the very top left of the Blog.
      I look forward to your feedback on my next post.



  2. That could have so been me telling that story, Donal. But you probably told it so much better. I had the exact same experience with getting my product done but Andy and Richie”s reactions and encouragement made all the difference. So pleased for you.

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thank you for your comment.
      It’s good to know I am not the only one that struggles then.
      I have to agree with you that the encouragement makes a huge difference too.



    1. Hi Hamza,

      Thank you for dropping by and for your comment.
      Yes, I certainly feel that the next ones will be a lot easier too :).



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