Wow, What a Difference a Week Makes !!

Hey there,   Wow, another week gone by. Feels like WARP speed these days.   It has been a crazy busy week for me working silly hours and going to bed when everyone else is getting up but…..   In fairness it has been a pretty productive week and I have achieved quite a bit and have a few tips and lessons to bring you this week.   On the creating the videos for my course front, I actually managed to get all the videos finished, believe it of not. I was a bit slow to start with. I must admit I struggled a little creating the slides for all of the modules and I think Andy and Richie were thinking I was slacking out again.    But….   Once I got got the slides finished I was determined to just get those damn videos done. 10 minutes each I thought to myself….7 videos …. an hour and a bit … and then I am done … Fantastic.   And then I procrastinated again. i start playing around with something I will get to in a minute.   Eventually I started the 2nd video for the course I was supposed to create…and you know what…   Its wasn’t that bad.   I recorded it from beginning to end and I didn’t even edit it afterwards. It was ok as it was. Andy and Richie both told me that they could see I was a bit of a perfectionist and that I should just do it….no editing too…just get it done Donal !!   Forget about the Ummms and the Ahhhhs because in the end of the day nobody really cares.   Well, that suited me fine…means I don’t have to edit them. Soooo….   2nd video 15 minutes…Really ?!?!?…Did I really manage to talk for that long?   Ok, so I can do this then..onto the 3rd video and then the 4th and 5th….   Damn…..they are are all turning out to be 15 minutes long and then the rendering time too….there goes the hour and a bit estimate out the window 🙂   Crap…Getting late now…or early (depending how you look at it)   6am and getting pretty bright outside and I am starting the 6th video…almost there and then ….   That damn neighbors dog who always insists on barking his head off at 7 in the evening and 6 in the morning stuck to his usual schedule.    After 2 attempts and now 7am in the morning I gave up and decided to get some much needed sleep.   To cut a long story short I finished the rest of the videos the next evening (after the neighbors dog allotted barking time) and uploaded the last videos to Dropbox for review from the guys.   To say I was surprised by their reaction would be an understatement….You see….   I had expected some criticism and pointers on how to improve the videos …but no…nothing…except…   They are fantastic Donal…Is that really you ??!?!?   Well I was really happy although I don’t take praise easily (which Richie noticed on my coaching call on Wednesday and slagged me off about a bit).   So…1st takeaway this week…….. We all tend to be hard on ourselves and also be perfectionists and that stops us from doing stuff.   We are our own worst critics, and stuff we do that we think isn’t good enough, is actually good enough….and more….and  other people will think is absolutely fantastic….so   STOP listening to those stupid inner voices telling you that you are not good enough…YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH…and BETTER than good enough.   The other thing they told me was that it doesn’t matter if you are making a course that 1000 people have made before….   Your course will still be unique because it was made by YOU, nobody else….only YOU and you will bring your own character and angle to that training and people will love the course for that.   Will everyone love the content you create? Hell no. Does that matter? Hell no.   Like I said before, not everyone is going to like you, but you will build a following of people who will, and they are the people you should care about, not the ones who don’t.   Damn, I am going on a bit now so I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of a long one …Sorry.   So what was I playing with when I should have been shooting training videos you may ask??   Well…..   I have gotten more interested in playing around with video recently.   And there is a guy I have been following for a long time, Mark Thompson (The English one), and recently he has been doing a lot of free training videos in his Facebook group, The Lifestyle Marketer, about doing video. He had posted some great videos about doing Green Screen videos which I had heard about before but always thought took lots of expensive equipment…. Seems it doesn’t.   For those who don’t know you will have no doubt seen Green Screen videos before. It allow you to be in front of any image or video you choose in the background, even if you just choose the background to be plain white or whatever color you want  (except green maybe LOL).   So.. I realized that with a piece of green material, which is what I set up with the help of my wife, and some free software, I could do the same with my webcam. And the results for a total cost of $15 dollars spend on the material (and something to hang it up behind me)….well see for yourself..(Not perfect because I need some brighter lights but not bad eh ??!?!)        Video is becoming really big these days and it is only going to get bigger so I encourage you to give it a try even if you don’t do live video….I have not built up the courage to do that yet myself either, but who knows what might happen in the near future :).   A few of my fellow Society 11 members such as Phillip Lopez and Gareth Daine (Gareths site is under construction right now so depending on when you read this it may not be available yet) are doing a lot of live video on Facebook and giving great value for free to build their audiences and it has also got me thinking about giving it a go.   But like I said, just start getting comfortable with even just recording videos yourself and looking back over the recordings to start getting used to it. It will make a big difference as you progress with your business.   Ok…I know…I am harping on a bit too much this week but I am excited about getting those videos done with such great feedback and also learning that Green Screen videos are not that hard or expensive to do.   Onwards and Upwards we go…..   I look forward to checking in next week with my next update….   Until then..   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal

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  1. Great stuff Donal!

    Thanks for the mention man and I need to get on that green screen stuff as well man, it looks fun.

    Man you should see my first YouTube videos dude seriously, I must’ve had like 100 takes (not kitten lol).

    Great to see you taking action with video and with your blog here man, first time I’ve seen it myself.

    Good stuff brother, sharing!

    ~ Uncle Phil

    1. Cheers Phil,

      Thanks so much for dropping by dude.
      Yeah, video can be a bit intimidating,but maybe someday I will be a Facebook Live superstar like you!!

      And definitely, play around with the green screen stuff. Its great fun if nothing else.

      Cheers Uncle Phil 🙂

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