Build Your Tribe and Don’t Feed the Trolls !!!

Hey there,  

I hope you are doing well.  

I don’t know about you but for me the time seems to flying away these days. It has already been over a week since my last Blog post.  

I am still working away on my sales funnel adding the final touches and tweaking it. This has included ordering graphics and adding sales videos too.  
I think I definitely need some more practice shooting videos LOL.   

So…. what else has happened over the last week?  

Well…a topic which I noticed has surfaced a number of times this week is related to putting yourself out there in the public and the possibility of getting trolled in the process.
Fortunately it hasn’t happened me yet but I am sure it will….because it happens to everyone who puts themselves out there.  

If it does happen however you should not get disheartened or give up.
The fact is that not everyone out there in Internet land is going to agree with you or like you.
Let these people go and move on.  

I also touched on this topic before in relation to getting unsubscribes in your autoresponder account.
If these people don’t like your style then you don’t need them on your list or in your audience anyway.  

People on your list who are never going to buy from you anyway are just costing you money.  

The other type of negative person you may end up with as I mentioned already are trolls. Sometimes these people can get nasty which can go as far as to hurt your feelings.  

There are a few things you should keep in mind when dealing with trolls. 

First is that it is easy for some people to be brave from behind their computer screens and say things that they would never say to you face. The fact is that these people are the ones with the problem and are more than likely just jealous that you are achieving more than they are….  

or that you at least have to motivation to try and get out there and make a better life for yourself…. something they wish they could do too but aren’t.  

The best way to deal with these people is to simply ignore them.
Whatever you do, do not let them drag you down to their level.  

In most cases you are the one in control,, whether its your email list, Facebook Page or Group or Youtube channel.  

You can unsubscribe them, remove their posts and block them.
Just remove the negativity as that is the last thing you need when you are trying to build your successful online business.  

So on that note …. get out there and get yourself known and fearlessly build your own tribe….  

…and in the meantime…  

We will catch up next week.  

Peace, Love and Success,  


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