Yaaay….Content Finally Finished !!

Hey there,   And yet another week gone by…. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun 🙂   I hope you have been doing well yourself over the last week.   Well… its been another busy week for me and things are progressing nicely. I finally finished creating all of my training videos this week. Doing over the shoulder videos definitely takes more effort (and editing) than simple slideshow videos. It is at times this I am glad that I invested in Camtasia. Not the cheapest video editing tool on the market I must admit, but well worth the investment I have to say.    From my point of view I consider it an investment in my business. The problem with many people is that they look at everything as a cost and don’t take into account that investing in tools can save them both time and money in the long run.   I totally understand though that some people might not have the budget available to purchase all of these tools. However, I would certainly say that in this case they should make some money online first and then use the profits to re-invest into their business. After all, an online business is still a business.   Yes you can start an online business for a lot less up front investment than a traditional brick and mortar business… and that is exactly the reason you should be willing to invest a little to start off. If you think it is a lot, then just think about how much it would cost to start a traditional business or even a franchise.   I am fortunate in so far as when I started this coaching with Andy and Richie, I already had most of what I needed in terms of web hosting, domains an autoresponder and page builders and lots of other tools I don’t even need yet 🙂 That is a result though of me being a buyer in this market and not seller.   This is one of the first things the guys tried to hammer home to me. They said …   Donal …..STOP BUYING STUFF !!!   …And start creating and selling.   Become a VENDOR and not a BUYER !!   This is exactly what they have been guiding me to do over the last 2 months or so and finally I am at this point with all of the content for my funnel created. I will be the first to admit that it wasn’t easy at times and I procrastinated and they had to give me a kick up the behind on a number of occasions but finally I made it and am both relieved and happy to have it all complete.   The next part of the process now it to setup my Squeeze Page and the rest of the funnel behind it. I finished the first draft of the Squeeze Page this evening just before starting on this Blog post. Again, as I have a number of Page Builders, it makes this process a little easier but there is still the copywriting aspect to it and ….   I am definitely not a copywriter LOL.   But Andy is confident that he can get me to create reasonably effective pages for my funnel….lets see if his confidence sticks around 🙂  My autoresponder sequence is half complete and I also started loading emails I had already written into it this evening, so I am getting there slowly but surely.   As I have said a number of times before, it is important to stick to it even if one doesn’t really feel in the mood. Mind you …the prospect of Richie sending me endless messages asking me where my Squeeze Page is also helps LOL.   Annnnyywaaaaay….that is my progress report for this week.   Stay tuned to see how my crash course in page building and copywriting goes 🙂   Until next week….All the Best!!   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal

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