Progressing Slowly But Surely ….

Hey there,   I hope you have had a great week!!   Well, here we are again, Sunday evening this week..the blog posts are getting later and later every week 🙂   It has been a lazy weekend for me, not helped by a late session on the IM Pub on Friday night. You see, it starts at 9pm UK time on a Friday night but I don’t live in the UK or anywhere near it for that matter.IM Pub last Friday night (before I joined)  The IM Pub starts at 3am on a Saturday for me so I eventually went to sleep at 10am Saturday morning. Another great IM Pub with lots of great knowledge being shared but it completely wiped out my Saturday.   Damn.. I have to start skipping it some weeks, although I have been saying that for week now LOL.   So…what have I been at for the last week?   Well, arriving back from my break in Bangkok shortened my week this past week so I have been mainly focused on finishing the content for the various courses in my funnel….almost there now 🙂   Once the content is finished I just have to create the squeeze page and other pages in the funnel and then its time to start sending traffic to see how things work out.   I must admit there are times when I think it is taking me a long time to get to this stage, but as Andy and Richie pointed out on our call this week, I have a lot more to show now than I did less than 2 months when I started on this journey.   I guess the important thing to keep in mind, and what I have been trying to do, it to keep my mind on the final goal and my WHY behind doing all of this.   There are times I feel demotivated or just plain lethargic and end up procrastinating, but when I keep in mind that this is just the beginning and there is learning curve involved and things will get easier as I keep at it, my motivation increases again.   As I have said before too, the accountability factor is also a huge help as I do not want to get on a call with them at the end of a week and say I have not achieved anything.   Another thing you hear a lot in the Online Marketing space is that you have to GRIND and there is no doubt that there are times when you will have to do that, but it is also important to keep in mind that you should also have some quiet time for yourself.  If you do nothing else but continually GRIND, you will just burn yourself out and actually in addition, you won’t be very productive with all those extra hours you are working anyway. You will also get tired and demotivated.   I had great plans regarding what I was going to achieve this weekend but in the end I ended up taking some time out for myself to just relax.   The weekend is not over yet though so I am still getting through some of that to-do list, a little more relaxed now 🙂   So basically I think the lesson to take away from this is to find a balance. There is no point eventually reaching the success you have been striving for only to find out you have lost your health. Just my 2 cents worth and feel free to disagree if you like 🙂   So ….I have my next call with the guys on Wednesday by which time I have promised to have all of the content completed for my funnel and also have a squeeze page or two created for the front end.   With that being said I am going to get back to work and wish you a great week ahead.   Until then…   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal

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