Missing In Action but Back On Track !!

Hey there,   I hope you are doing well.   Its been a few weeks since my last Blog post so I need to get my act together and get back on track.   To be honest the last few weeks have been hectic for me. Sometimes life has a funny way of throwing everything at you at the same time. I must admit I got somewhat overwhelmed and at times a bit down and lethargic and even when I had some time to do things I just couldn’t seem to get myself to do anything.    I guess the thing to take out of this is that there will be times when we all go though periods like this. Sometimes you just have to take a short break to relax and recoup.   I am back now with renewed enthusiasm and will endeavor to get back to my one Blog post every week.   Having said all of that, I have managed to progress somewhat in continuing to build the foundations of my business.   I have still had my weekly calls with Andy and that has motivated me to produce something each week, little and all as it may be.   Again the accountability factor I keep talking about makes a massive difference with this. Without it I probably would have achieved nothing at all over the last few weeks.   I am scheduled to have a call with Andy in just over half an hour now to go through the first draft of the various sales pages in my funnel. I have to say that I have struggled somewhat with the copywriting part of all this.   Copywriting is not easy…   However, I do recognize that it is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as a marketer, be it online or offline. Whether it be a Squeeze page, a sales page or an email you are sending out, being able to write copy, even to a basic level will make a huge difference to your results as a marketer.   With that in mind I have also started to read one of the many books I have on the subject. The one I am reading at the moment was recommended by Andy… The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly and I have to say I am impressed so far.   No matter what though, getting good at copy takes practice and will take time so the more you practice and test the better you will get.   Learning to build and maintain a profitable online business is a continuous learning process and I do enjoy that even though it can be frustrating at times. 🙂  There are a few other important things I have realized about writing copy ….   First is you really need to have a clear picture of who your prospective customer is. You need to know what their desires and fears are and what makes them tick. I could write a whole Blog post on this topic and will do at some stage.   If you know this then it makes your copy so much more easier to write.   A second thing which makes a big difference is having a swipe file of copy. This can and should include headlines, squeeze pages, sales pages and emails etc. Having a swipe file gives you something you can refer to when it comes to writing copy. It means you are not starting off with a blank page which is very difficult to do, especially as a beginner to writing copy.   You should start building a swipe file as soon as possible. Anytime you see a piece of copy that resonates with you and makes you want to take action you should take a copy for yourself and add it to your swipe file.   This is something I have just started to do myself as I start my journey to becoming the next Gary Halbert LOL.   Anyway, lets see what Andy thinks about my latest attempt in the next 15 minutes :).   Until next week.   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal

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