Lost for Ideas and No Time ?? ….. Think Again !!

Hey there, I am back again for week 3 now…must be a record for me at this stage ….posting 3 weeks in a row…. 🙂   One more week and I will have made it to a full month. LOL   Anyway, what have I been at for the last week you may be asking… And what have I got done since the last time I posted.   To be completely honest…not as much as I had hoped or planned to do. But I did have a couple of AHA moments during the week.   Most are related to the struggle I felt I was having with myself, trying to make the time to get things done. Then on Tuesday night while feeling frustrated, I decided to go outside for a couple of beers to relax and get away from the computer. That is when a few things hit me….   You may not think you have time, but in fact you do…. or at least you can make the time…or make the best of the time you have.   You see, the main task I had set for myself  to complete this week was to write an Autoresponder follow-up sequence to deliver my free course. The problem I had though, was that any time I did get a chance to sit down and start writing it, I hit a 404 (Page Not Found). I just ended up staring at a blank page not knowing what to write.FrustratedIt was that Tuesday night after another such attempt that I decided to go outside for a couple of beers. As I sat there thinking, all of a sudden I started getting ideas as to how I could create the follow-up sequence.   So, I took out my phone which has the Evernote app installed on it and I started jotting down all of the ideas I had. Before I knew it I have put together the basic framework for the first 7 days of the sequence. Then I paused for a bit and had even more ideas. Then before I knew it I had a plan together for a 24 day sequence with an email everyday both delivering the training modules and linking to Blog posts delivering value to my readers and subscribers. That was all I did that night.   Then the next day I was able to pull up the notes I had taken the night before. I wasn’t starting from a blank page anymore so it was soooo much easier. Coming up with that framework was 90% of the battle to getting started.   So, what are the takeaways from this?   Well, there are a couple of takeaways as i see it.   First, if you are sitting in front of your computer trying to come up with ideas and nothing is happening in your head and you feel stuck and frustrated like I did….. Then get away from the computer. Go somewhere else….out to the garden or down the coffee shop or a walk in the woods…whatever floats your boat. The change of scene will quite often help to get your creating juices flowing.   That brings me onto the second takeaway…   I happened to step outside the house for a few beers and use that time to think but ….. Don’t forget that time spent driving your car to and from work or even time in the shower can all be used to do a little thinking about whatever it is you are trying to do.Idea  You don’t need big chunks of time to get started on something. Use these smaller chunks of time to come up with ideas, frameworks etc and jot them down as soon as you have a chance, preferably immediately (Although I don’t recommend trying to do that while in the shower or driving your car :)). Then you can come back to them later when you have more time to work on them.   You do actually have time if you look for it. ….and I haven’t even gone into the time you can save each week by skipping a night out with friends or not watching TV.   Another thing I found that night was that once the ideas started flowing, I started getting loads of other ideas unrelated directly to the follow-up sequence. I got ideas for new blog posts (including this one :)).   There was more that I was going to talk about in this Blog post but it is starting to get long already so I think I will leave it for another post. It seems about right to finish here with those two takeaways.   This coming week, I will continue to work on that Autoresponder Sequence. I did get the 7 emails delivering the training modules finished for Andy to have a look at by the way.   I will also be working on my squeeze page and plan to get a start on my basic video course. So tune in next week to see how that all goes.   I might even try an make a short intro video for this Blog, you never know!! LOL.   Anyway, until next week ….   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal     P.S. I will also continue working on the FREE Resource for people looking for Accountability which I mentioned last week so stay tuned !!

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