Why My Yamaha R1 is like an Internet Business

Hey there, my second post since I decided to restart my journey on starting an Internet Business. And you are probably thinking why I titled this about a motorbike….   Well this is why….   Damn, I decided to take my motorbike out yesterday…..   You see my big bike…the Yamaha R1 which I love to bits and I spent quite a bit of money fixing it up caused me some trouble yesterday. To be honest it pissed me off a lot.   After fixing it up it was running like a baby…better than ever since I bought it from a friend a few years ago. So…Yesterday I decided to take it out and go see my friends in town. Yeah…I admit…Wanted to show it off a bit….but   A couple of km down the road it started coughing and spluttering and eventually cut out. Man…was I pissed off. To cut a long story short I had to get it back home and take my wife’s scooter into town to meet my friends.   So why is this like an Internet Business you may ask ?   Well…..   When I eventually got into town to meet my friends (a lot later than we had agreed to meet up) and I explained to then what happened… One of them who understands more about big bikes than I do, explained to me that big performance bikes like mine need to be run regularly. Leaving them sitting at the back of your house (like I had done for 4 weeks) causes the fuel to get sticky and everything seizes up.   I had been away and neglected it so it gotten to the point it didn’t run properly anymore. He told me that I need to take it out and run it at least once a week for an hour or so to keep it running smoothly.   I still haven’t managed to start it properly but it also got me thinking ….. It’s exactly the same as running and Internet Business….If you leave it standing for 3 – 4 weeks it starts to have problems and will eventually stop working. To put it in 1 word it is CONSISTENCY.  PersistenceAnd I realized tonight that , that is exactly what I have been lacking in all my Internet Marketing efforts.   I have started many projects but never stuck with the long enough. I have made some money but never stuck with it.   So you may be asking now….What has happened with your coaching with Andy, Donal ???   Well, I had my first call with Andy last week and we chatted for 2 hours about many things.   This is what we agreed (And I knew this already but never did it). He told me to make a free offer and set up and a squeeze page (landing page). I realized this is something I had already done but never followed through on (PERSISTENCE).   The gold nugget from our conversation was this….. Make it a course and not a simple PDF because nobody cares about a PDF anymore.   So I am now working on a free course and a course that adds real value to my customers. Watch this space and I will let you know as soon as the course is available. Bear in mind also that you are effectively watching a live case study as it happens, so you will see if it works or not and what I do with whatever happens (Feeling scared now).   Another thing I spoke about a lot with Andy was Mindset and Time Management and that is something I am working on a lot myself at the moment. I will talk about this a lot more in a future post, but here is one thing I know for sure and have learnt over the years and that is….. MINDSET IS 80% of the key to success in starting your own Internet business.   MINDSET, FOCUS (I will deal with in another post) and PERSISTENCE which I mentioned already and will also talk about in a later post.   Why do I know these things you may ask?…. I will tell you why …Because I have lacked all of them, but am getting better and some of them I am still working on. I look forward to telling you how I have improved each of them and am still working on all of them.   Let me leave you with a question….   Have you already bought courses and know what you should be doing but haven’t done it? Have you started doing it but got distracted on the way ? Are you still trying to figure out what you should really be doing?   If so, then yes, I have been there too for many years. Hell, if I implemented half of what I know I should have a 6 figure business already but I was all over the place and confused. But now finally I have a plan and working towards that plan.   Another HUGE part of getting to where you want to be is being made ACCOUNTABLE and that is another thing I will address in an up and coming post. We all think we can make ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to ourselves, I did too… but we can make excuses to ourselves and agree with those excuses and let ourselves off when it suits us. I am working on something (Free) for people who REALLY want accountability and will let you know as soon as it is in place.   Peace, Love and Success,   Donal  

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